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  1. REQUEST: Calendar

    Then they should change their motto. Why do people use calendars? So they don't have to remember things. If I can't use a calendar in Evernote (aside from copying and pasting calendars into notes, which I've already done), then I can't really use Evernote to "remember everything."
  2. REQUEST: Calendar

    Thank you for posting this idea. I tried it out after wanting to be able to track some date-driven information but wanted to be able to do that within Evernote since that's where I store general information that's not work related. Your tip will serve me well, and I like the fact that I can type data within each calendar day without messing up the calendar's display. Now if Evernote would just add a calendar feature then things would be even easier. Anyway, thanks for sharing your tip and for posting a link to your "Evernote Organization without Organizing" page.