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  1. hey, unfrosted,

    apparently, CloudOn has overcome this formatting issue by completely emulating MS Office system, so it is not impossible to fix this bug.

    They are just lazy.


    I gave up on using Evernote for any serious notes now, small notes, yes, but anything that involves bullets, numbered lists, I use CloudOn.


    Maybe EN team will fix this blazing bug in the next 10 years.

  2. The only working good document editor for mobile apps right now, as far as I know, seems to be CloudOn.

    This one is pretty much like Google Doc or Microsoft Word.


    Until Evernote fix this stupid problem, I suggest using CloudOn as an alternative for making and editing notes that include bullet lists.

    Downside is that CloudOn is pretty laggy unless your phone or tablet has enough CPU and memory.


    I have the same problem with the bullet lists. Evernote should have a feature request, bug report tool to be used by their users. similar to https://todoist.com/Vote/ Perhaps, they have that, but I don't know of any. These posts in their forum don't help them neither the users. 

    If you need to submit a bug report, then that's what opening a support request is for. 


    On at least one occasion, they've stated publicly that they're not interested in a Vote system. On the other hand, they do read every post in this forum. However, as it's a user forum rather than a support forum, they don't do a lot of dialog here.



    Almost sounds like they are running this company like its a small company when the number of users worldwide exceeds some 40-50 million????

  4. It's really very simple.  Evernote's focus is not to be a text/word processor.  It is a note collection/organizing & retrieval system that allows you to add text info to your notes.  If you need more robust text editing functions, please see post #2 above.


    I don't think most users need "robust" text editing functions, we just want a very basic Word Processor that doesn't have so many showstopper bugs.

    For example, every time you open a note with android version it flushes your bullet/list formatting, and your tab won't work properly, among many other small things like line spacing and what not.

    I just want a basic text processor, not a robust one. I don't need office, but a regular rich text as minimum requirement for a Note...? I mean, jokes aside, even wysiwyg does it better and that's html editor.

  5. I cannot agree with you, there are many editing apps out there that does the simple job of retaining bullet formatting fine. Within a single month of my Evernote usage, I came across this formatting bug more than several times that I am now considering to use other app for note taking (I haven't found a good one yet.).

    I was really going to pay for the premium feature, have been doing the structuring of nested tags for my use, and this was all hindered by the most fundamental feature a notebook app has....

    I am disappointed, but for now, there is no way I can use this to take serious notes, and come back later to find all my bullet levels reset, or the formatting going bizarre.

    I love all the other features of Evernote (except I wish they had nested notebooks instead of a single layer stacks), and I must part with this until this fundamental bug is repaired.

    I am sorry Evernote, but a note taking application cannot claim to be a good one when it cannot retain the input formatting, it is an essential ability of a note app.

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