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  1. For now, if you use tons of bullet list for outlining, you should use Workflowy. It's the best alternative for Evernote's broken bullet list now.
  2. hey, unfrosted, apparently, CloudOn has overcome this formatting issue by completely emulating MS Office system, so it is not impossible to fix this bug. They are just lazy. I gave up on using Evernote for any serious notes now, small notes, yes, but anything that involves bullets, numbered lists, I use CloudOn. Maybe EN team will fix this blazing bug in the next 10 years.
  3. I don't think most users need "robust" text editing functions, we just want a very basic Word Processor that doesn't have so many showstopper bugs. For example, every time you open a note with android version it flushes your bullet/list formatting, and your tab won't work properly, among many other small things like line spacing and what not. I just want a basic text processor, not a robust one. I don't need office, but a regular rich text as minimum requirement for a Note...? I mean, jokes aside, even wysiwyg does it better and that's html editor.
  4. I've been waiting for this formatting issue to get fixed for years, is it fixed? Is it fixed already?
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