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  1. I am not sure why you would get only one note at a time. I recommend becoming familiar with the advanced search grammar. notebook: and tag: will do the work for you. For example, put "notebook:work tag:meeting tag:2011" into the search field to find all notesi in your "work" notebook with those two tags. Add or remove tags as necessary. If you save the search (edit > find > save search) then you can drag that into the shortcuts bar and have the search handy. Sorry it was late and I was tired, I meant to say one TAG at a time. I do have a few saved searches which do work well to combine tags or search only in specific notebooks, but I simply cannot create a specific search for every possible combination of selections that I might use. The permutations are exponential. And typing them out each time is actually more time consuming and less intuitive than the command+click, click, click that I'm used to. The fact that you couldn't do this on the iOS app was the most frustrating part of those apps, and to bring that limitation to the desktop app was unthinkable to me. I'm not hating on the new design, I just don't see why it was necessary to remove this functionality from the sidebar. Have you tried using the little Tag dropdown at the top of the note list? You can get to it with Shift+Command+J, and when you select a tag, it does respect the current notebook you are in. Here's what I just tested: 1. Switched to my "Book Journal" notebook 2. Shfit+Cmd+J. The tag drop down shows me a flat list of tags, BUT they are only tags that are used within the notes in the that notebook, which is nice. 3. Selected a tag. View immediately filtered to show me JUST notes in the Book Journal notebook with the selected tag. 4. Clicked the tag drop down again (there IS a bug here in that Shift+Cmd+J doesn't work to reopen the tag panel already - I hope they fix this) 5. Now my tag list is even smaller, as it only reflects tags assigned to the visible notes. 6. Click an additional tag. Now I'm seeing just notes IN the notebook assigned all the specified tags. It probably isn't quite as quick as clicking multiple tags in the tree, but it DOES do the filtering. A big flaw with this is that the search box for the tags is tiny, so once you pick more than one or two tags, you can't see all of the ones listed in the box. Also, I think that selecting tags in this way SHOULD also update the search bar with the advanced "tag:" criteria so that you could see how to build the search manually if needed. YESSSS... I did not see the filter by tag dropdown menu before. As you said, this is not as quick as my old method, but it certainly is something I can work with and will stave my version rollback for the time being. Thank you!
  2. Like many others, I was caught completely off guard by this upgrade and it cost me a full day of productivity initially. (my current work-around is to use my Macbook Pro to remotely access my office PC which is still running the old version... this solution is annoying at best). I was pleased to learn I could turn off the atlas, trunk, and recent notes in my sidebar and bring back my list of nested notebooks and nested tags, however one extremely critical flaw remains. One of my favorite and most powerful features of the old EN was the ability to filter notes by command clicking on multiple tags. This no longer seems to be possible... I cant even see just the notes with a specific tag under a single notebook. If I click a tag it shows me ALL notes with that tag regardless of what notebook it's in, and always only 1 tag at a time. If there's a way around this and I just don't see it, someone please please tell me asap. Thank you! (edited to correct typo)
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