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  1. Thank you. I didn't test this, I will have a look as and when I take another look at v5.0. I did go through the 4 options available and unfortunately none of them were comparable. All lost space in a way not seen in the previous version which was both distracting and I felt more time-consuming to look through. Either they had white space or the data in the summary was different than as-is currently. Personally I don't find white space helpful for quickly scanning the page in front of me.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to look for this, I just assumed that the numbering convention would be sequential (see previous comment on good change release practice ) May I ask then, that we are given a link to v3.3.1 to download please? rather than v3.3.0 as is currently in Jackolicious' link. To my issues with the latest version, my initial reaction was that it is one of style over function. I had much the same issue as GrumpyMonkey... For someone used to, and very comfortable using, email apps that are simple, clean and easy to navigate, I love Evernote in v3.3.x. I can concertina my notebooks, expand as required without losing screen space, view my tags and see any saved searches, all in one column nicely sat in the left sidebar. The only irritation I have is that shared notebooks aren't included in my main notebook list, I have to tab to them, whereas in v5.0 they're listed with the rest of my own notebooks. The previews column is great, it looks like email, I can get loads of notes in that bar compared to the cards provided in v5.0, which had a mass of whitespace around them (which I desperately wanted to get rid of), and they're not so big as the cards, which to me look as if they might be appropriate in a children's game, but not in an adult work tool. And I really missed the back and forward buttons. Mainly I was disappointed about the lack of choice. That I was being forced to use the new UI when most apps would provide a 'classic view' for those of us who have a particular way of working. For example, I have Windows machines that I run in classic mode, the round-edged, bubble-box, design-centric style of new, just doesn't do it for me. Thank you for listening. If I get the time I might spin up v5.0 in a VM and give it another go, but my reaction was so strong I suspect it is unlikely that it would result in a change of heart I'm afraid!
  3. I'd argue this thread should not be marked as solved. I've just rolled back to v3 for the same issues you mentioned yourself, however I am concerned that the legacy version provided by Evernote is not the latest. I would like to see an Evernote hosted download to the most recent pre v5.0 release provided here, so we can all ensure we have at least the security features and any bug fixes available up until "the (botched) face lift". As per good change release practice. Please help me fall back in love with you again Evernote.
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