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  1. I went back to another mac where I still have Evernote 3.3 instead of the new evernote 5. I was reminded that we used to have an option to set a default text size for the "Source list", "Note list" and the "Note text". Am I right that in Evernote 5 we now only have control over the "Note text" font size? Here's a link to a screenshot: http://imgur.com/08SkS
  2. Would be great to be able to adjust the Evernote application font size. That is, the font(s) that are used in the side panels, the list of notes, note cards, snippets, etc. I can make the text I type into notes as big as needed, but I still have to squint at the list view (especially with high-res displays). A global setting in the Preferences / Options would be sufficient, but even better would be some keyboard shortcuts to zoom in or out I'm a Mac user, but I believe this is a missing feature on Windows as well.
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