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  1. I created a pdf scan and it is not searching text in this scan (OCR). I created a jpeg scan and it is searching fine. I waited over a day in case the server needed time with the OCR. This is also a premium account. Should OCR text searching work on a PDF scan? If not, can you add this in the future?
  2. What is the latest on this issue? I just scanned the same doc and one is pdf and the the other is jpeg. The jpeg ocr search is working but the same document as a pdf the ocr search is not working.
  3. There is a reason for not making the app easier to read? I would like to hear it. Many other highly popular iOS apps use dynamic fonts/bold text and others at least give you larger font options even if not using base dynamic fonts.
  4. Will Evernote ever use the iOS features of dynamic type and bold text to give us options to improve readability? I find the fonts are too small both in notes and on the evernote app itself (e.g. labels home screen).
  5. I think MarketPlace should be well hidden, especially since it is not even available in my Region. Announcements should be sufficient when sent by email in the form of a Newsletter or on their Twitter / Facebook or Blog. As a premium user, it really bothers me to see marketplace and announcement not hidden even when I select the setting to hide them. I follow the evernote blog and I am well are there are other items to purchase in the evernote marketplace. I don't need or want to see these every time I open the app. I do not have any other paid app that is this obnoxious with their advertising and self promotion.
  6. I like the lighter background choice but my biggest issue is the small, light fonts. They are very hard to read (on an iPhone). Can you utilize the iOS system settings in General->Accessibility->Bold Fonts and Larger Type (dynamic type)? Or do something else to improve readability. This goes for the home page and notes themselves.
  7. Ok, maybe not 50 shades but there are 4-5 shades of green on the iPhone home screen. Any chance you will ever change and improve the home screen? I get that green is part of your brand but you have over done it. It is not very readable and it is ugly. The green all blends together. On the other hand, when you go into a list of notes, tags, etc. I think the app actually looks excellent in the snippet view. There is green only at the top, with handy search and add note buttons at the top. The note titles are very readable. Can you please do something similar to the home page?
  8. I tweeted the post below to him and said it is example of frustration of many longtime, premium users: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42674-evernote-for-ios-7-feedback/?p=234275 No response
  9. You can send a direct twitter message to Evernote's CEO, Phil Libin to give feedback. Send it to @plibin
  10. Yes!!! Oh, sorry, decorum in the forum. Yes +! Seriously though, what development process must be in place for the team to conclude search doesn't belong on the main screen? Seems to defy logic. It does defy logic. Does the evernote development process include input/beta testing from users? It does not seem like it does and there would be some great candidates in this forum to give input in the app usability design process.
  11. I have looked for alternatives for evernote mac/ios but have not found one yet.
  12. I bought the Clever iphone app. This is much more along the lines for what the Evernote app should look like and function like. You can customize the sidebar. It has slide left to right to go back/up a level. It's not perfect but much, much better than the Evernote app. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clever-another-client-for/id551017006?mt=8
  13. I strongly agree with this, and I have been advocating for a while that Evernote make their products more accessible. On the Mac, we have almost invisible gray on gray text and there is an overall lack of contrast. Even with standard vision, I can't really see stuff like the purple on green x in the search field on iOS (I bet no one besides the designers even knows what I am talking about, because the x is almost invisible). Even if you don't have sight challenges to deal with, the less contrastt here is, the more difficult it is to work in conditions like bright sunlight or with a dim screen. After a couple years, though, I have begun to let it go. I don't think we are going to get contrast or customizability. The truth is that Evernote seems to be taking design cues from Aplple, which has all kinds of contrast issues. I think the Apple folks must all do their work with twenty year olds on 60" Retina displays or something. If Apple stops designing inaccessibility into their work, Evernote will stop it too. Fortunately, on iOS you can triple click the home button to reverse colors (see the accessibility settings), but It isn't pretty. I agree with this 100%....Evernote could at least give us some font color/size preferences if for whatever reason they want to continue with these hard to read designs as the default. At least with Apple iOS 7 they have dynamic font and bold settings which I actually think make most of the Apple apps very easy to read against the mostly white backgrounds.
  14. Is there an iPhone client like Clever HD for iPad to use until (or to replace) Evernote fixes the app? This was a terrible 'upgrade'. My app freezes and is unusable. If you delete and reinstall it will work for a short period until freezing up again.
  15. I am having the same problem on iphone 5s at 7.0.1. I have deleted and reinstalled 3 times. Problem keeps coming back. I wonder if it is related to offline downloading. This time I will not turn that on and see if I still have the problem. Definitely a buggy release.
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