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  1. Six months later I still don't like the new Evernote. I've been looking for an alternative but unfortunately haven't found one yet. Three more gripes: When I drag a note to the notebook tree in the sidebar the 'shortcuts pane' appears when its hidden. This makes the notebook tree move downwards which makes the notebook I'm dragging to a moving target. Bad UI design. I don't use the new shortcuts (because they take too much space) and therefore have the shortcuts pane hidden. I've recently been rearranging my stacks, notebooks and notes. It was really frustrating. I had to switch between the notes view and notebook view constantly. It's not possible to rearrange stacks and notebooks in the notebook tree. I can only be done in the notebook view which is unusable due to the moving stacks and notebooks when collapsing and uncollapsing stacks. It's also not possible to rename stacks and notebooks in the notebook tree directly. It's not possible to define a search for a stack, only for one or more notebooks or all notes .In addition, the Dutch translation of Evernote is very un-Mac-like. Evernote is a fine app for taking notes but for managing notes, notebooks and stacks is not so good. I still think the new UI is ugly and not a pleasure to use. It has too many annoyances and UI-flaws like moving drag-and-drop targets. I really hope it will improve over time. In the meantime I keep looking for an alternative. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  2. Great you are here. Please read my second post too where I list my dislikes. I've postponed updating Evernote on my other Macs because I really don't like this update.
  3. Oke, let's be constructive then (the first post in this topic is mine). Why I don't like the new interface at all: If it ain't broke don't fix it. It looked and worked like Apple Mail which is a good thing (sidebar, folder tree, favorites bar). Now it looks a bit like Apple Mail but works differently. It looked and worked like many other Mac Apps such as the Finder, Reeder, iTunes, Notes, Reminders, iPhoto, 1Password, you name it. All these appsthat let you manage many items. They all work more or less the same. Evernote 5 resembles these Apps but there are too many subtle differences. The cards in the cards view are bigger than they used to be. There is no option for small cards anymore. I don't want the Notes icon in the side bar but it cannot be disabled I don't want the Notebooks icon in the side bar but I do want the notebook tree in the sidebar (like in any other Mac App). If I disable the Notebooks icon I cannot have the Notebooks tree in the sidebar. The Notebooks view is completely unusable, both the list view and the icon view. What is the purpose of it? What does it add compared to the sidebar? I simply don't get it. I can't change the toolbar anymore. There are no buttons in the toolbar for changing views. There is no separate button for changing sorting in cards and snippet view. There is no separate button for switching between small and large cards in cards view. The Notebooks tree in the side bar doesn't have icons anymore. I prefer the shortcuts in the favorite bar like in Apple Mail. I prefer the 'All Notes' at the top of the Notebook tree instead of as a separate icon I don't like the mix of icons and notebook tree in the sidebar. I cannot see which notebook is selected in the notebook tree. In short, the old interface was fine. I cannot get used to the new interface and cannot find the right combination of view settings to make it work in a way that I like. My biggest problem is the sidebar. I want a 'normal' sidebar like the old Evernote, Apple Mail, the Finder and iTunes. And I agree with Cesco about the combination of colorful icons and light gray text in de sidebar. It doesn't look good. There are of course improvements, e.g. the lack of ads and the frame around a note in the note editor.
  4. The new Evernote 5.0 UI is bad. Please return to the previous UI which is much better and lets me be more productive. I couldn't find a way to give feedback or report a bug and therefore posted this topic. I hope it reaches the right people at Evernote.
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