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  1. Per @rayd I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and now unchecking the option box referenced here does make the popup stop. So my guess is Evernote perhaps did put a fix in place and told nobody. Extremely poor customer service - what's the point of having a forum if the support people never look at it? Gives me zero confidence in the company or desire to pay for features. That said, it does appear perhaps some version update did fix this. I recommend you uninstall or at least disable the web clipper, reboot, and put it back in and see if you can get rid of the popup.
  2. @MDR169 @rayd I never found an option to do this on a windows machine. The limited set of web clipper options had no effect on the popup. Thus, I uninstalled. Most disheartening that regardless of whether there is a solution or not a thread with this much activity has zero response from Evernote. Does not inspire confidence.
  3. +1 I get this on every PDF I open, asking me to try out the web clipper. I know that exists, I don't want a popup, ridiculously annoying. There doesn't seem to be any way to disable it, I tried the options suggested here. Looks like another uninstall.
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