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  1. In my case that assumption is wrong. I'm trying to get my information out of Evernote so that I can stop using it and use something else. The vast majority of my original documents were webpages, so as I've already guessed, I'll just have to go to each one and re-save the page into my new app. My important documents are on my home server, where I have control of the security. The main thrust of the questions here concerned automating a tedious task.
  2. Bushwhacker, you might check into IFTTT for a little help on that double uploading. You can configure it to notice when you post to Evernote or Drive, and it will automatically post to the other service for you. Save you a step (and the few minutes extra). I use it for several similar functions in other apps and it works like a charm...for free. I've got several gripes about arbitrary limits in Evernote's structure myself...moving everything to Drive.
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