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  1. As others have said, it seems to be related to taking pictures with the "in-app camera" and uploading them. Emptying the trash "can be" a temporary fix. How are we to know what a corrupt/offending picture is? Absolutely love the product, but without much feedback aside from "Unfortunately the log indicates that there is a problem with the note named:'Snapshot'", I don't feel very confident as a customer. -Michael
  2. Here's an update: After sending my activity log, I did receive a reply telling me that there was a problem with the picture I took (not sure why that would be) and that I should delete it, clear the trash, and try again. This did work, but when I took some more pictures, the same problem occurred. I believe the solution worked because occasionally it will not error. What I have noticed is if you just let continue as if it didn't error out, it will bring up the popup error, so you'll have to ignore that, but on mine, it will eventually get synced up after many, and I mean many, errors. Until then, I just continue to take my pictures on the iPad as if it had properly synced, and it eventually it will get everything uploaded. For me, when it happens, it always follows a picture upload. I have not tried the voice recordings. If anyone has the patience to attempt to just continue as if it never occurred (sometimes you'll have a lot blue upload signs on your pics), it may be worth it. You also may need to click the re sync icon a lot which will cause some anger, especially if you want to do something with it immediately on another client. I really hope they get this sorted out. - MIke
  3. I just purchased a month subscription to see how Evernote will work out, but I'm having the same issue reported by the original topic creator. Running on the iPad 3 (ios 6.0), it has no problem received synced data, but when I take a picture and it auto-syncs, I get the unable to make Http request error. If I keep trying, it (may) eventually work. I have no problems using the desktop client to sync. I have deleted, and re installed it multiple times, to the same effect after one or two upload successes. I love the software, and I'd like to continue to use it, but this may make it unusable or me. I opened a support ticket and have submitted my activity log. I'll see how that goes. If anyone find a solution, please let us know. -Mike
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