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  1. How I "Clip PDF Files on Web Directly to Evernote" (you know.... using those words mostly euphemistically, metaphorically, and, ok, maybe lying? ...) So... "All You Have to Do Is..." I am on WINDOWS. Your flavor may vary. On my desktop (because I do all sorts of mess on my desktop) I made a folder called "EVERNOTE LOAD" When I see a PDF on a website, I do a SAVE-AS to the EVERNOTE LOAD directory. Meanwhile.... Back at the ranch.... In my Evernote Desktop Application under TOOLS - IMPORT FOLDERS... I set it to monitor EVERNOTE LOAD (((((( SPOILER ALERT )))))) When anything lands in that folder, Evernote makes it.... a NOTE! Ta-daa. Also, yes, I would also like Evernote to make a "Clip this PDF that I clearly see right this second into a note kthxbye" button. If we get to vote. E PS: This is making people who want to save the URL info tear their hair out and yell at me on the screen. I am using "80/20" mantras a lot. PPS: ALTHOUGH.... since I am FILE-SAVE-ASing.... at that point I could put in a fancy URL with substitute characters for the illegal ones... and save the PDF with the URL name... THEN.... THEN, I TELL YOU.... Then it mightcould work for all. Copy/Paste URL before Save-As'ing. Paste and adjust file name as necessary... PPPS: Note that I bold so most people don't have to read all the lunatic drivel. You have been post-warned.
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