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  1. OK.. well maybe they might include that feature in the web version someday, I can hope... looks very nice, clean, simple and good to navigate!
  2. I can live with it... just peeked onto my wifes comp and went.. OH! Nice!
  3. OK got your answer... thanks... shame, I don't want the standalone version. I guess limiting features in free, is encouraging paid users. I have a stupid personal rule to not do subscription based software.. Id pay a nice fat one time fee for a program, especially Evernote, its GREAT! But can't sustain financially a continual payment plan.
  4. Er... im on a mac... Sorry, first time visit to the forum, saw a mac forum... posted... I'll go and find the right place... if you don't know the answer right here..? Ill be pissed if YOU answer over there... "cant do it on web version" ha ha
  5. Wait... ahh but I see the thing... Im using the web version, guess thats different, right clicking anything brings up regular web page options.
  6. Hi, Im a mac user, but I just noticed that my wife, who is using a Windows computer, has a cool 3 column layout on Evernote, that is absolutely FANTASTIC! The left most column is the notebook list, the middle column is the notes list and the last column is the not itself. Im fiddling about but I can't get the same on mac. I just have this annoying feature where when i click a notebook, the notes list REPLACES the notebooks list, with "cute" little slide animation. Don't need that.. I need an overview of all my stuff.. the wifey has it on Windows... how do I configure that? Mark
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