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  1. It's exactly as it has been for a long time. Notes live in notebooks, notebooks can be added to stacks. an for a long time it has been flawed. They have removed drag and drop from the sidebar - which was confusing? I develop user interfaces and this IS done differently. Secondly, stacks of stacks are really desirable and are the subject of numerous feature requests - I was simply pointing out that A: the change of stack method management is obscure but actually probably an improvement once you find it, and secondly that stacks of stacks would be desirable, But thanks for your wisdom anyway.
  2. I've just installed 5. There was a lot of talk and many requests for 'n' tier stacks (stacks within stacks) I can find no reference to stacks at all in V5.... Please tell me I'm wrong? I can see how legacy stacks are rendered - but there doesnt seem to be either drag and drop of notes or any way of managing stacks at all? UPDATE I worked it out and it is indeed drag and drop within the notebook overview (not now in the sidebar which confused me) It's still only 1 level of stacking but at least it works. Please give us multiple stack levels.... Eg Business Notes, Clients, Client A Note A Note B Note C Business Notes, Clients, Client B Business Notes, Admin Private Notes, Holidays, 2012 Thanks.
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