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  1. Hi everyone, If came upon this topic trying to find a solution for the same problem.. although the principle 'everyhting in one place' sounds attractive - and I have always used evernote in this way - i recently decided to erase all private info from my evernote account.. I think it is hard to deny that a certain division between private and professional is an absolute necessity in some cases, in the same way most people have both a professional e-mail account as a private one. Or if you would f.e. be involved with company finances, you would never put your private finances into the same database as the company ones. Reasons for this are pretty clear i should think.. Companies can easily enfore the legal rights to access employees mailboxes - and to think this would never happen when it comes to evernote might be a little bit naive. Maybe it could even be a overcurious system-engineer with less good intentions. I have seen colleagues and friends of mine getting into embarassing or even dangerous situations being too nonchalant with things like these, it seems one only realises the risks once it is too late. Maintaining some level of privacy is already a serious challenge these days, and mixing up my most personal issues, thoughts, interest and private business affairs and having them stored on my pc at work ? Hmm, that has become a definite nogo for me. Technically I think there could be a pretty easy option that could be foreseen to resolve this problem.. On my PC at home, all evernote content is automatically cached on my computer in fileform, which is perfect. However, the same thing happens on my computer at work - which is not so good. If i could choose the option 'do not store content locally' on my pc at work, everything would be solved. The client installed on my pc there could just read all the content from my account online when it starts up, and release everything from the moment it is closed, storing nothing (continuosly) on my pc at work. Actually evernote already has a similar feature (which already breaks the everything-in-one-place principle) and that is that you can create a note that is only a 'local notebook', so is not synced to your account or other clients (computer at work, ipad, iphone etc). The problem there of course is that you cannot access it from anywhere else, only from your computer at home. Why not turn this idea around ? Give the possibility to create notebooks - or a whole client setup - that is 'NOT' stored locally - it is just a simple option that can be chosen in the application you use on a specific client. In that way the everyhing-in-one-place is kept intact (which is the evernote account itself), and it would store a copy on my computer at home, ipad, iphone - everywhere - only at work i could choose the option NOT to store it locally. For the past 2 weeks i have been using 2 evernote accounts. Private and professional. When at work i have the professional stored locally and access it via the appplication - and the private one via the web and when at home, i have the private one stored locally, and access the professional one via the web. It's a big nuisance, and it still leaves me with the problem that i can only configure my ipad or iphone towards one of these accounts, and the other becomes difficult to access. So, enough said.. Please consider the following; giving the option to 'NOT' store locally instead of 'ONLY' store locally, would solve everything for me. I hope there are some kind of likeminded people having the same needs, and evernote can consider this as a suggestion worth implementing. If it was not for this one small (?) problem, i could not live without evernote any more. thank you Kaspers
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