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  1. 6.0.5 released today seems to have fixed this with my initial testing. Thanks to the Evernote team for addressing this so quickly. I seem be be up and running again and things are stable. I' planning on sticking with Evernote until I can't. Its too nice in so many other ways.
  2. Uninstall Evernote and reinstall from the App store. Evernote will then run ok. To avoid the problem, make sure you don't edit a note in the Evernote main window if the note is opened in a separate window. I've also noticed that Evernote gets really slow responding to repeated key presses after its been running a while. Restart Evernote to speed it back up. 6.0.3 seems a bit unstable. Hopefully we'll have some quick updates to address the regression errors in this significant new Mac OS X release. I really like Evernote, but the stability is becoming an issue.
  3. I don't think this is resolved. I have 6.0.3 installed. It works fine of days. Then all of a sudden it takes minutes to open a note content and I am unable to edit any notes. I believe this happened because I had a note open in a separate window, but was editing it in the Evernote main window. I do this all the time as I'm browsing around notes in the main window and make a quick change to a note that I've been editing but is open in a hidden window on another screen. What use to happen is the other window would update to show the change. Now both windows go blank for a few minutes - like the update is taking a very long time, then when the window does display, editing is displayed. Restarting Evernote does not clear this up. Its like some lock has been set and isn't being cleaned up. Rebooting does fix the problem. So does uninstall and reinstall Evernote - apparently that clears the lock or something.
  4. I'm getting the same issue with 6.0.3. Evernote works fine for hours. Then all of a sudden clicking on a note takes minutes to display the note. Restarting Evernote and the Evernote Helper didn't fix it. Activity Monitor doesn't show anything using an unusual amount of CPU. Have to reboot to get Evernote working properly again. Might be time to rethink Microsoft OneNote.
  5. Still a lot of crashing, too much even for a Beta. I had a lot of crashing with version 3 too, especially dealing with images, copying, pasting, selecting - often causes crashes. The new UI is a bit real estate hungry. There a tendency to design apps as if each one is the only one a client ever uses. Evernote started out simple, concise, small, fast and easy to use. Its starting to feel bloated with too many ways of doing the same things, and not addressing some key missing functionality. Snippet view is OK, but needd choices on what's shown in the snippet. There's too much there now, making it difficult to easily spot the note you're looking for. And it takes up too much space. List view is still the easiest view to find things. But there's no way to turn off the detail/note view so that you only see the list. There should be a sash that lets you hide the detail/note window and only show the list. Again its a real estate problem. I want to see as many things in the list as possible while keeping the window small. Then I'll use double click to open the note most of the time in a separate window. Still no editing styles. This is key to being able to create good notes quickly. Table editing is still pretty weak. Version 5 needs to balance form over function. Above all, keep it simple, small, fast, portable and reliable. That way we focus on creating notes, not figuring out how to use all the cool features of the tool.
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