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  1. Guys, they couldnt fix my problem, or find my files, but i need to say, they helped me a lot. ***** that they couldnt help me, but they tried. We changed like 10 emails... They sent me any kind of possibility thhey could...
  2. I just downloaded the DiskAid on my computer, I can access all the files in the Ipad, but not from the evernote, I open the folder and I only find 2 folders, Inbox and another one called, www.evernote.com. I only have a PDF on the Inbox folder. On the www.evernote.com one, I have a folder that is my e-mail and inside of these one there are somes files, and another folder called pending. And there are none of my files on none of it. This is so crazy.
  3. I cant bloody belive on this, just happened with me too. I was recording an interview for a important project and when I stoped my 15 min conversation with the CEO of an agency the audio went alway, vanished, that simple. Please, someone help. It must be in the Ipad somewhere. I wont be able to make the interview again.
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