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  1. Thanks for the replies... 1) Nixnote lets me do a full database backup into .nnex format. Is there anyway to access that outside of the Evernote world? It does not let me export to .html files. 2) Everpad works fine to create and view notes but currently does not have any export function (that I can find at least). 3) I ran the Windows client in WINE and it installed without a hitch. Gave me full export function. I haven't tried the other functions yet though so their may be problems there as is common with any WINE install. The export function works but a question....When I had it export to multple .html files it created a folder for each note based on it's name and inserted all media content (pics, audio, etc) into that folder. It also made a .html file separately (but not in the created folder). Is there a way to make the export sort these by notebook (IE all notes in notebook "X" would then get exported in newly created folder "X"). I really want to take the paperless plunge but I just want to make sure what I am in for when and if I leave Evernote somewhere down the road... Thanks again for the replies.
  2. Hi everyone, I am a digital hoarder and I am looking for a way to take my notes out of Evernote...Basically, I find myself using Evernote more and more and I am getting worried that 1 of 2 scenarios will eventually play out: 1) Evernote goes belly up some day taking my notes and files with it <or> 2) I grow tired of Evernote a year or two but my files will effectively be held hostage in Evernote's cloud....with that said I have read a few different things on the ability to export your notes but I can't find the option anywhere on the web interface. What am I missing? I am currently using Evernote through Chrome on a Linux machine (Mint right now but I'm a disto hopper). Could my problem be that I need to use the Mac or Windows client? If so is there a work around as I have neither? Everpad (Linux client) doesn't give me an option to export and simply lets me add, edit, and delete notes. Any suggestions?
  3. Is real-time co-editing in the works? It is neat to use it with students in Google Docs when I have messed with it in the past.
  4. I see a sort of real-time co-editing...I wasn't referring to that specifically....but to editing separately on different accounts and sharing revisions over an extended period of time. Thanks for all of the responses guys!
  5. Also....why isn't Evernote good for co-editing? I am a teacher and several of my colleagues use Evernote and they frequently want to share their thoughts and append the notes to add and subtract sections...but can't because they are all on free accounts. Similarly...my wife and I maintain several shared notebooks on Springpad...IE 1) Gift ideas for son, 2) Gift ideas for daughter 3) groceries etc etc. We both add ideas and items as we need them for both of us to see. Is this type of co-editing not advisable, or are you talking about more substantial documents? I prefer Evernote as its UI is more stable and simpler (I mean that as a compliment) and many friends and colleagues use it. This co-editing issue is the only thing holding me back from going Premium. Shawn
  6. OK...here is a cut & paste if anyone is looking for this....thanks for the answer... Shared Notebooks Evernote allows both free and premium users to share notebooks privately with other Evernote users. Notebooks shared by premium users have the option of being editable by the users with whom the notebook is shared. In other words, if Bob the premium user shares a notebook with Fred the free user, Bob may choose to allow Fred to edit the contents of his shared notebook.
  7. Hey guys, I was considering purchasing a premium account in order to let others have the ability to edit and add to my notes. One quick question....does the person that I am sharing these notes with have to have a Premium account as well? some scenarios to flush out what I am asking: Premium originator & premium sharee = edit and collaborate permissions <or> Premium originator & Free version sharee = ?????? co-editing? <or> Free version originator & Premium sharee= ?????? co-editing? Thanks guys Shawn
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