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  1. Hi Peter - Thanks for reaching out. This is a known, new bug and we're working diligently on a fix. We appreciate your patience! There was a new IOS update today and I have installed it. It seems to back out the changes from the last version in the sense that the old problem returns (the app just crashes while processing the business card) /pc
  2. I'm a basic user. In earlier releases business card scanning (just to Evernote) was problematic but sometimes worked. Starting with this release business card scanning works functionally (doesn't crash the app as it used to) but the business cards are no longer saved. Was this a a bug fix (shouldn't have been able to do anything with Basic) or a new bug (thought the Premium enabled feature was LinkedIn integration). Filled out a trouble ticket and then tried to provide an Activity Log but not accepted at Basic level I guess. Anyone know? thanks/pc
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