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  1. FYI, it just resolved itself. I have no idea why or how. I didn't do anything different, it simply started working correctly out of no where. I got a message from EN asking me to create a screen recording to show them the problem and when I went to go do it, the program worked without a problem. Go figure, but I'll take it! Let's hope it sticks!
  2. Sounds weird. I cannot reproduce it. Does anyone else see this issue? What tag name do you use? And what is the search query? Thanks, BTW, I completely removed EN and reinstalled, reindexed, etc and I still have the same problem. Tag names varied. First the tag name was 1-Now (ever see that life hack video where they show how to use EN as a task manager? It works nicely). Then I thought maybe it was an issue with the tag, so I deleted it and created a new tag called "TestTag". Same thing. Tag name didn't seem to make a difference. Search wasn't done by query. First, I had the tag listed in shortcuts. When I clicked on the tag/shortcut, the notes with that tag appeared, but not all of them. The new notes created and tagged during this log in session did not appear. Then I went to the Tag list, searched for the tag. I found the tag. It stated that there were 5 notes with that tag. When I clicked on the tag in the tag list only 3 notes appeared. The notes that I tagged during this log in session were not displayed.
  3. Bug: I am running 6.3 on a new MacBook. Latest El Capitan updates installed. Here is what happens: I create a note and assign a tag to that note. Then, when I search for all of the notes with that particular tag, the new note does not appear. When I hunt down that individual note, the note is there and the tag is properly affixed. But when I search all notes by tag, the new note is not displayed. When I quit EN, then restart, it sorts itself out. But all notes with tags that I create during a log in session are not displayed when I go to search by that tag. ​This isn't happening on the web server. I tested it and the web is working fine. So it my iPhone. This doesn't happen on my 2012 MacBook Air (running an older version of EN there). It only happens on the 2 day old MacBook with EN 6.2.1 and now also EN 6.3. I placed a ticket by email but have not heard back. ​Assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I am having the same problem. I am running 6.2.1 on a new MacBook. I wasn't having this problem on my MacBook Air, but the new Macbook is not displaying the notes when I try to see all notes sorted by tab. The server on the web is correct. The phone is correct. The MacBook is the only problem. When I sign out of evernote, then sign back in, it corrects itself. But it won't work correctly otherwise.
  5. This is exactly the issue I'm grappling with. I want to use scan snap and EN and make my entire office paperless, but the one thing that's holding me back is that I need to be able to attach documents I've saved on EN to gmail messages. Has any progress been made on this? I tried to drag and drop a few pdfs on my mac this morning and it wasn't working.
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