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  1. Hello! Im currently using Evernote to work on a creative project. I do a lot of research with images and I keep them in Evernote, so I'm constantly dragging and dropping images into notes. After I installed the latest Evernote update doing this task is extremely annoying. Every time I drop an image on the top of my note, the note automatically goes to the last image on the bottom of the note, and I have a bunch of images on it. So that means that I constantly have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll up to the top. Every time that I want to add a new image I have to scroll all the way up. I want to do my research as fast as I can, but I can't. This problem is making me crazy. I'm using a mac BTW. Thanks
  2. I think I found a bug. I choose the option to see my notes sorted by title, in alphabetical order. I close Evernote, and when I open it again, the notes are sorted in reverse alphabetical order. It didn't save the option.
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