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  1. Just answered my own question after some surfing. I'll post when I have more. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I believe you,re right about a conflict, and I'll do some checking. Meantime, what is Revo? That's one I've never heard of.
  3. It's taken me three days of troubleshooting and sys restores to figure this out, so I want to post it fyi for anybody with the same issue. Be great if someone knows a fix, but I've had to simply uninstall EN to get system keyboard shortcuts back. Can't find any related posts in the forums. Here's the history: Noticed a couple weeks ago that some, later all, of the basic cut, paste, select all, undo kinds of shortcuts--the simple control+key ones--stopped working, first between programs, then within a single program (Chrome as a paste to the search field, for example) or a doc (cut/paste, copy/paste). The number of shortcuts that died increased over a few days. I had always used EN in a browser on this laptop, while all my other devices (Mac, another PC, iPad) have the resident program. So for no particular reason I had recently installed EN to the Win 7 laptop. Everywhere I have it, EN has been stable and problem-free, so I didn't make any connection between EN and the W7 shortcuts issue. I figured it was a sys problem, some driver or registry foulup or who-know-what. Scanned using Avast, Malwarebites, MSE, and a couple of online services, got rid of a few hinky but not deadly problems, but the shortcut problem continued. I'll skip all the hair-tearing next steps and cut to the chase: I wound up doing a sys restore, which did not fix, then another older restore from before the EN and a couple other download/installs. Got the sys shortcuts back, so went on to reinstall a handful of downloaded files, testing sys shortcuts after each install, No problem until EN, and then Poof!, no shortcuts. To double check, I restored again, shortcuts worked, installed EN only, shortcuts dead. As I said, it would be great if someone has solved this, but just wanted to let anyone with the same problem know this is the only thing that finally worked. I'll just have to use EN from a browser on that machine, maybe try a newer version in a few months. Still a happy EN user....
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