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  1. Just got a SONY Smartwatch 3 and try to use the Evernote app for Android Wear. However, I found that every time after I open the app, the order of notes on my other devices (including mac, Android, and iOS) changes dramatically. It seems that notes with checkboxes will become the recent notes (even though they have not been changed at all). Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks in advance. Sol Lee
  2. It has happened a couple of times since the initial upgrade process. It its 100%+ and when I notice it I quit out (command+q) of EN and then restart it again and it is normal cpu usage. I had experienced the same problem for many times on my 2012 MBA(ver. 5.0 public beta). When I open and check activities monitor, the evernote.app just consumed more than 200% cpu!!! After restart it, the cpu usage is back to normal status. (it never happened before 5.0)
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