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  1. Hello I wonder if somebody can explain what's happening with my account. About 12 months ago I took out Evernote Plus and thought it would be a great help in planning for a European Holiday. Every article on Paris and Italy was duly saved into Evernote with copious tags. Everything I could think of was saved into my Europe Folder. tickets, itinerary, passports, contracts, tours, train tickets, restaurant guides.....you name it I saved it. Upon arrival in Paris though I was met with the dreaded 'aeroplane' icon telling me my notes weren't available off line. Now I'm having to photograph everything to save into my camera roll on my phone. What a let down and a great disappointment. My question is: why can'y I access my notes and notebooks off line? This is why I'm paying for Evernote Plus. As soon as I get a wifi signal my notes are back, but I don't want to use free wifi if I can help it; another reason why I planned using Evernote Plus. BTW, everything was working fine off-line at home in Australia, but as soon as I hit Europe, no luck. Is there something I am missing? Any advice much appreciated.
  2. I updated to Evernote Plus last week. All is good on my iPhone. When I don't have internet, I can access my notes. On my iPad however I get the old message that I have no access due to lack of WiFi. In Settings it says I have a Free Account so I obviously need to update, but how do I do this? I can't find an Update Icon anywhere. Help please.
  3. Same for me. Here one minute and gone the next. Most of my scans have saved to Evernote but some have not. New user so I understand I may not have saved correctly, but I pressed the blue tick and the scans were there in the tray this morning some 24 hrs after taking the shot. Then suddenly all scans are gone from the phone. Is this normal that scans will not be saved on the phone? Is there are way to retrieve them?
  4. Well I've waited a while before adding my thoughts to this discussion. I thought the Evernote experience may improve with a little experience; it hasn't. I've been using Evernote for years now and find it indispensable, but it's almost like some Microsoft team developed the new version. It is just so counter intuitive it sends me into a rage. For example, this morning I clipped a note from a news article and decided to email it. I didn't want to send via workchat, I wanted to email it. I had to do a google search on the topic in order to learn how to do it. There was no icon, there was no drop down option. Why? As far as I'm concerned, emailing a note should be a piece of cake. Who knew that I would have to go to note>more sharing>email note? I would never have found that route without the Google search. Now that's what I call clunky. The other problem has nothing to do with colour schemes but basic design. Yesterday I was searching Notebooks. I was looking at a note there. This morning I couldn't find a way to return to All Notes view. Why change something so completely that it frustrates the hell out of experienced users. If I am finding it hopeless, then how would newbies go? They'd just switch back to whatever else they were using. I feel like doing likewise. Memo to Evernote: please give us back a tool bar that is useful and please get back to what was a most intuitive interface. Signed: Totally Confused in Oz.
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