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  1. The current version of Evernote works perfectly fine on my phone with Android 4.4.2. It's very fast, clearly faster than on my iPad mini Retina. So despite the outdated look of the Android version, I'm pretty happy with Evernote as it is. One thing bugs me, though: while the font size is okay when editing a note, it is much to big when just looking at a note. On the Mac-Verision (Mavericks), iPad mini Retina and my old iPhone 4 the notes look good. Only on my Android phone (Nexus 5) the font size is much too big. Is there a way that i can set a "fixed" font size? Alternatively, a option with
  2. I don't use the smart stickers and find the page camera pretty useless. the pages are often too bright ant the pictures are too small in size compared to a regular snapshot. Plus, many times the camera doesn't recognize the page size correctly, so you have to check every single snapshot each time before taking the next one and syncing to Evernote. Maybe the main reason for page camera was to save enormous amounts of storage space?
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