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  1. Thanks, Michael. I was hoping for some kind of "export to xy"-functionality in Evernote.
  2. Hi, I would like to transfer all my current notes in Evernote to the new notes app from iOS 9. I could use iPhone/iPad for that, or my Mac (El Capitan already installed). It would be no problem to transfer notebook by notebook. Any ideas? Best, Tibor
  3. The current version of Evernote works perfectly fine on my phone with Android 4.4.2. It's very fast, clearly faster than on my iPad mini Retina. So despite the outdated look of the Android version, I'm pretty happy with Evernote as it is. One thing bugs me, though: while the font size is okay when editing a note, it is much to big when just looking at a note. On the Mac-Verision (Mavericks), iPad mini Retina and my old iPhone 4 the notes look good. Only on my Android phone (Nexus 5) the font size is much too big. Is there a way that i can set a "fixed" font size? Alternatively, a option within Evernote to set a viewing font size would be very helpful. I hope I got my thought through (English is not my native tonque). Happy New Year, Tiberius
  4. Hi, pretty basic question here: what is your (tried and proofed) way to save whole web pages from Safari into Evernote on the iPad? I would like to save the whole page as it is, with all the pictures, etc. Making a screenshot works some times, but only if the page I'm saving is only one screen big, otherwise screenshots are a pain in the b.... Any hints would be appreciated. Have a nice weekend folks, Tibor
  5. The fine folks of the Evernote support team contacted me. Their suggestion didn't help me, but here it is anyway, maybe it solves your problems: Your copy of Evernote may be "hanging" at two different places, once when performing a GPS lookup on notes, and the other on background sync. To correct this, please try turning off both settings: Settings > Privacy > Location Services Settings > General > Background App Refresh In both places, turn "Off" Evernote. BestTibor
  6. Same here, but only on the iPhone 4, not on the (also kind of old) iPad 2. Also see the "SLOW tying" thread.
  7. @linden: I have approx. 300 notes (plus trash). A large database can't be the reason for the sluggish typing in my case. The Search/related item lookup idea of yours makes sense to me. But there is no option to switch that off, is it? It doesn't make any difference to me if I start typing or type a few words. there is a lack every other second for several seconds. It also makes no difference if I open a new note or edit an existing note. I also suspect iOS 7's own auto correction feature as a possible cause.
  8. Dear Evernote users, I've promised that I give you an update on Thursday, so here we go: ... ... .... crickets .... Evernote didn't contact me. Actually, the did nothing at all. As a so called "premium" user, I'd say that isn't premium at all. Happy Halloween ya all!
  9. Thanks again, Stuhrer. I've contacted support and got a ticket number. I'll be on a business trip Monday - Wednesday and I won't have a computer with me, but on Thursday I'll post the outcome here.
  10. @Stuhrer: All my stuff is about 500 MB big. Not too much given that EN markets Evernote as a elephant's memory, I'd say. I've tried to start Evernote with the Debug Menu, but didn't make it. My skills in Terminal (console) pretty much suck I've tried to start Evernote with defaults write com.Evernote.Evernote IncludeDebugMenu 1 but didn't manage to start Evernote in debug mode. Thanks for your posting!
  11. I've tried the "solution" that user web was told: * Uninstall Evernote from your device (hold down the icon until it starts to jiggle and then tap the "x") * Reboot your device. * Download the latest version of Evernote via the AppStore. It DID NOT HELP. No matter if I open a exisiting or an new note, the moment I try to type, every keystroke has a delay of several seconds. It would be easy to say 'well, I'll get rid of my three years old iPhone 4 then and get me a new one' but I don't see why I should do that: Evernote worked perfectly fine until the iOS 7 version came out. Apple's own apps are working fine under iOS 7 on my old phone. The apps of other companies are working okay. Therefore, it is clear to me that EVERNOTE is either stuck performancewise with their programming or they released EVERNOTE for iOS 7 much too early. I'm a premium user of Evernote, I even bought the Moleskine notebook (another three months of premium). I'll give evernote a last chance. If they don't fix this issue, I'll move my stuff over to somewhere else and quit my relationship with Evernote forEVER.
  12. +1 Same problem here on an iPhone 4. The app itself works fine for such an old Phone, even editing pictures with sktich is fast enough. Only the speed of typing is very slow. To a certain degree this renders Evernote almost useless on my iPhone 4. I don't have this issue on my (also pretty old) iPad 2. As a long time and premium user of Evernote, I have to say that after the login-bug my patience is coming to an end. Evernote shouldn't have released the iOS 7 version in such a hurry. This current version is clearly below Evernote's standards. I've also opened a ticket.
  13. YES! 7.0.3 Solved the login problem on my iPhone 4 and seems to work fine on my IPad 2, too. Thanks, people at Evernote!
  14. Sorry, CEO, but I think this is the wrong thread for your problem. Maybe you should start a separate thread. Here we want to make sure that the good geople of Evernote see THAT WE STILL SUFFER FORM THE PROBLEM THAT EVERNOTE STARTS WITH THE LOGIN SCREEN EVERY TIME which renders the program pretty unusable.
  15. Here's the answer I got the other day. No luck so far ------------------------------------ Thanks for the follow up. I apologize that you continue to have this problem. Our team is working hard to resolve it, so please keep your eyes peeled for a future update that may resolve this issue. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Evan A Evernote
  16. +1 It happens all the time on my iPhone 4, but only if Evernote starts new, e.g. if I kill the app in the task manager and then start the app freshly from the homescreen. I also use the current version of Evernote on a iPad 2, no issues here! I tried to disable and enable again the PIN-Code-lockup. I tried to completely delete Evernote on the iPhone and on my Mac in iTunes, but it didn't resolve the problem. A support staff member opended a ticked for it, I chatted with her today (her name is Jennifer I'll post here when I get a replay.
  17. Here's a screenshot of my (little) system, I've used that since many years over all kinds of machines (PDAs and the like) and programs. The screenshot is from a German version of Evernote for OSX (5.0.7), but it should still give you the basic idea. Cheers!
  18. I don't use the smart stickers and find the page camera pretty useless. the pages are often too bright ant the pictures are too small in size compared to a regular snapshot. Plus, many times the camera doesn't recognize the page size correctly, so you have to check every single snapshot each time before taking the next one and syncing to Evernote. Maybe the main reason for page camera was to save enormous amounts of storage space?
  19. Firenaut, you probably already know that: if you use the "Snippet View", the preview window already is on the right side. Best, Tiberius
  20. Thanks for you answer, George, but no, that doesn't meet my needs. I want to password protect single notebooks, so that I have a combination of quick access to the "unprotected" area of my Evernote for every day stuff and secure places for my sensible information. As far as I can see, Evernote seems to have a very basic problem with that pretty common feature request. But as jefito mentioned, I'll dig deeper in the reasons for that.
  21. probably not the first user that is requesting that: I would love to be able to password protect single notebooks and/or single notes. I have a notebook with a personal journal and one with financial information. both I would like to see protected. of course I could use the pin-protection for premium users, but that slows me down every time I fire up Evernote. and that, I do a lot so what do you guys say?
  22. Can't you just right click on a picture, select cut, open a new, blank note, drop the picture in that new note and finally delete the old note?
  23. Thanks for your fast response, b'n'f, but I'm no tag lover. Never was. Well, we'll see if I will be lucky some day. Have a nice weekend!
  24. I would like to see the option to have one note in several notebooks at the same time. Of course I could copy a note and put it into a second notebook, but if I then change one note, the original/copy would remain unchanged. Any chance to get that feature? Love the new Evernote 5 on my iPad 2, btw. Way better looking than the previous version, faster and better to use too!
  25. Double that reg. todos! And sorry to disappoint you, no, nothing new in the todo-world on EN5. There are only those check-boxes, just like in the current version.
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