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  1. Here's another user with a non working Atlas and an endless progress bar (It says "Verbindung wird hergestellt..." which probably translates to "connecting..."). Adding a note with Geo data didn't fix as others suggested, generally Sync seems to work regardless of that bug) Also, +1 to the translation problem report: "Shortcuts" is translated to "Tastenkombinationen" (in the sidebar) and "Tastaturkürzel" (in the popup menu of the sidebar) which both means "Keyboard Shortcuts". More appropriate might be something like "Schnellzugriff" (which would translate to "quick access"), since there is no good translation for "Shortcut" - The direct translation "Abkürzung" will be more confusing than helping, I guess. Last Problem, also already reported by several people: Hitting CMD-N for creating a new note actually creates a new, empty note but doesn't jump to that note. I sincerely hope that this is not expected behaviour. Apart from that I like where this is going!
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