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  1. I have the same issue as the OP, but authoring notes on iOS 6. Exporting the note shows that the en-note element is broken, but the image is intact as a resource—which explains why it still shows up in the snippet. @Jeff, I've opened a ticket, and am supplying Fiona with more info to give to QA. It would be great if one (or more) us could reliabily reproduce this problem, so that we can give the steps to the devs. I'm trying, without success, so far.
  2. @Art, thanks for this—it worked perfectly for me, and is a wonderful addition to my workflow!
  3. Hi Fred, If you're using EN5, I'd agree that it's a little counter-intuitive to restore a note from the Trash—it took me a little while to find it too. Do this: Tap on the note in the Trash "notebook" Pull the note down to reveal the search field and Trash icon Tap the Trash icon and confirm you want to "Restore note" It's now back in the original notebook you deleted it from. If there's another, more obvious, way, I haven't found it yet :-) Peter
  4. Having read the posts so far, it sounds like there are two quite distinct features being requested here: 1. Adjust the display size of an image, by clicking on the image to display resize handles and then dragging these. This is useful in controlling the layout of the note, so fthat large images don't take over the whole display area. Almost every application that supports insertion of images into text provides resizing in this way. 2. Rescale the images to reduce their data size, either individually or when emailing to others. This is useful for reducing storage and bandwidth usage for syncing notes or sending/receiving EN-generated emails. Both of these seem me to to be very useful potential additions to Evernote. The first is more critical to me, but I can see that others who use EN differently from me might prioritize differently. +1 for both of these enhancements!
  5. Yes, I would dearly love to see heading styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.) added to the Mac and iOS clients!
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