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  1. Thanks for your answer but as I wrote : > I don't have evernote when I click the box with the arrow > I don't have evernote in my list of activities And obviously evernote is installed on my phone
  2. IPhone 6S IOS 10.2 Hi all, Until now when I wanted to save a page opened on IOS Safari to Evernote I just had to click the box with the arrow at the bottom and that was it. Since this morning this possibility has disappeared. Obviously I had a look at that https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313678-How-to-clip-web-pages-and-content-from-Android-and-iOS-devices But Evernote is not anymore on the list of activities to chose from. I've downloaded everwebclipper in the mean time but ut's not as efficient. Any idea to have evernote back in the Activities
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