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  1. Yes, but will they have the functionality. Functionality first then business accounts and administration.
  2. Evernote is a great product and is fun to use, however when I have serious stuff to do it falls short. More and more, business papers are being distributed electronically and typically before going to meetings, users will highlight, underline, make comments etc on these documents. The Ipad and other tablets have allowed the electronic docs to stay electronic for use in meetings. Only problem is that it seems Evernote has missed this opportunity. Notes Plus absolutely nails this functionality without being as great as Evernote in other areas. I'm using Notes Plus for business use when it comes to managing electronic Board Papers and other reference papers that I want to scribble over before taking into meetings as well as take more notes on these docs during meetings. Great product but not quite ready for the Meeting or Board Room. Stephen.
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