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  1. Much to my surprise, I recently became a paying Evernote user. When I first encountered the software, I didn't really understand the appeal. With the recent integration between Evernote and Skitch, the program has become an integral part of my workflow. I am a serious fan. However, there is one thing that drives me crazy: the automatically reformatting tables. I'm a college professor, and I regularly use tables to organize and categorize my thoughts in progress. Evernote makes it far too difficult to do this. The problem is not the lack of fancy formatting options. I'm perfectly capable of exporting a table from Evernote into a word processor if I want to apply a design layer. The problem is the way the column widths continually resize as I enter data. It makes it very difficult to use this as an efficient tool for organizing my thoughts because the data keeps shifting. It is a serious usability issue. As a former web developer, I fully understand how difficult it can be to implement fully functional and usable tables in a platform-independent way. However, I wonder if there might be an easy way that we could at least hardwire the widths of the table columns -- whether in percentages or pixels -- so that the text would stop shifting. I guess this is the part of the message where I'm supposed to threaten to cancel my Evernote subscription if the tables aren't fixed. Truth is -- much to my surprise -- I'm hooked. Still, it would make life soooo much easier if the developers could fix this one little thing. Thanks! Aaron
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