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  1. Thanks to the Evernote team for making this beta available to us and for striving to improve the app. A couple things I've noticed with the v5 beta: 1. The text in Snippet View is hard to read. It's mainly due to the gray background providing less contrast with the text. I'd suggesting adding a lighter color drop shadow and/or lightening up the background. Also, I find the green date/tags distracting. 2. As nice as the new sidebar is, I like having it hidden to give me more space. I found the horizontal favorites bar in v4 to be a great use of space, so I suggest adding the option to display Shortcuts as a horizontal toolbar when the sidebar is hidden. 3. The keyboard shortcut for displaying a note's info seems to be gone. I used this often to edit Source URL, etc. 4. I'd really love a line spacing formatting option. I find that bullet/numbered list lines are crammed together. At least add more space between list lines please. 5. The new note pane with the gray background and white note floating on top does highlight the note better, but I find that the gray background makes the formatting toolbar very hard to read due to lack of contrast. Plus, the floating white rectangle effect makes everything look cramped due to the new margins. I'd appreciate the option to use v4's all-white, full-width layout. Thanks again! -Chris
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