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  1. I'm not the OP, but thanks forever-evernote! I had the same problem this afternoon, which is how I found this thread. I didn't have a "delete notebook" option upon right click. I was using version 5.0.5. I went to the App Store and found there was an upgrade waiting for me. It upgraded me to 5.1.4 and now I do have the delete option. Give that a shot OP. Good luck, Marshall
  2. Funny b/c it really doesn't matter what "Those of you who think tags are a better solution" think. What matters is how Evernote functions. The way EN has functioned since it's introduction in early 2008 up to & including today is no sub/nested notebooks. It doesn't appear this will change any time soon. As for me, I find EN invaluable and prefer to spend my time using as it is (and really, I've yet to find a use care where tags don't function similarly to sub notebooks) rather than boycott/protest a feature that may or may not ever appear. If an app works for me, great. If not, I go
  3. I have grown to be a huge fan of Evernote over the last several months but I agree with the OP and many others that this feature is needed. I dont use tags for organizational purposes, I use them for relational purposes. I'd like to see the nesting of notbooks added so I can orgainze my notes as I see fit. I agree that using tags is a nice workaround, but it is just that, a workaround. Evernote, please add this feature, its the only thing keeping Evernote from being perfect to me. Those of you who think tags are a better solution: I'd ask you what hurt it would be to have the additional flexab
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