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  1. I'm not the OP, but thanks forever-evernote! I had the same problem this afternoon, which is how I found this thread. I didn't have a "delete notebook" option upon right click. I was using version 5.0.5. I went to the App Store and found there was an upgrade waiting for me. It upgraded me to 5.1.4 and now I do have the delete option. Give that a shot OP. Good luck, Marshall
  2. Funny b/c it really doesn't matter what "Those of you who think tags are a better solution" think. What matters is how Evernote functions. The way EN has functioned since it's introduction in early 2008 up to & including today is no sub/nested notebooks. It doesn't appear this will change any time soon. As for me, I find EN invaluable and prefer to spend my time using as it is (and really, I've yet to find a use care where tags don't function similarly to sub notebooks) rather than boycott/protest a feature that may or may not ever appear. If an app works for me, great. If not, I go find one that will. As Jefito says, that's why there's chocolate & vanilla. And if you think sub notebooks are so invaluable, why would you possibly need to try to get those who are ok w/o subnotebooks to support your request? I didn't mean to imply that I'm unhappy with Evernote. I LOVE Evernote I just think it is missing this one feature. But to me, it seems that many in this thread aren't interested in this feature to the point of suggesting to people like myself to just live with it the way it is. I take a different approach. If features are requested by others, that I dont need, I guess I wouldn't lobby for those features as you said, but I also wouldn't tell the people who want those features to just live with it the way it is because I recognize their needs are different that mine. And additionally, why is it so bad to ask software developers for new features? I am a software developer and I delight in giving my users features that make thier experience better. I am not sure why you think I am boycotting or protesting. I'm just asking for something I think would make the app better. No way I'm moving on to another app because of this, Evernote is too awesome! Also, the quote of mine you mentioned "Those of you who think tags are a better solution" was not worded very well. I should have said "those of you who find tags a better solution." I realize the way it is worded might make you think that I think tag people are wrong somehow, which I do not
  3. I have grown to be a huge fan of Evernote over the last several months but I agree with the OP and many others that this feature is needed. I dont use tags for organizational purposes, I use them for relational purposes. I'd like to see the nesting of notbooks added so I can orgainze my notes as I see fit. I agree that using tags is a nice workaround, but it is just that, a workaround. Evernote, please add this feature, its the only thing keeping Evernote from being perfect to me. Those of you who think tags are a better solution: I'd ask you what hurt it would be to have the additional flexability to have nested notebooks (more than one level deep). You would presumably still be able to use tags if you prefer, so why not support this additional flexability for those of us who prefer to organize differently than you? Thanks, Marshall
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