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  1. I would also like to see this as an option. The only way at present to have a pdf embedded in the note rather than as a file attachment is to use the desktop application it seems. All the notes I previously created in Mac os all preview. Anything I add on Android, iOS or the web just show a horrible grey attachment icon. Please fix this, it is ruining my workflow.
  2. I use Evernote every day and I love it. I have however noticed that there seems to be a bug, where the note list on the left keeps flashing whilst the note is open on the iPad! No response from tech support regarding this. My colleagues have the same problem on their iPad. More importantly, I think it is time that Evernote added these features to the iPad version: Ability to link a file to a note eg Word, PPt etc Ability to insert or paste an image into the current note Ability to change the font, colour and size (this is a really basic thing that is missing!!) Ability to create notebooks on the iOS version and to colour code notebooks Please please please implement these additions - they are basic things that should have been there from the start! I would be happy to pay for the app if these features were not missing!
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