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  1. I started using Skitch years ago, and paid for premium when it became available. Such ease of use! Such fun! i have used it almost every day, in some way. But now - I just don't understand HOW to use it. I can do all the stuff I normally do on Skitch but it says I have to upload to Evernote. I've made an Evernote account - still, my pictures do not go there. I have looked at the instructions, downloaded all my pictures in 3 files to a zip file, opened the zip file, selected the photos and dragged them into the Evernote logo - still no content. Where the heck are they? HOW DOES THIS WORK??? All I want to do is to be able to draw on photos and post them on fora like I used to. I have given up and now I'm using my Dropbox - just dragging my finished picture in there into the public file and copying the link and pasting that in a forum. At least it's quick and easy. BUT not as easy as Skitch! How can this happen? I PAID for Skitch, i should HAVE Skitch, not some rubbish thing which doesn't even work, with either NO instructions, or instructions you have to hunt for and which don't work. this isn't what mac owners expect. An entire morning wasted. What is going on? PLEASE HELP ME!!! With step by step instructions for an idiot.
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