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  1. I am not sure if I have understood properly what some of the previous posts are looking for by way of reducing picture sizes but the following might help. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note and there is a way to control the size in megapixels of the photos taken when using the camera in Evernote. When I tap the camera icon in a note that I am editing, the camera opens. I tap on the menu key on the bottom left of the handset to bring up the Edit Shortcuts option. Tapping on this brings up the shortcuts grid. On my Galaxy Note by default there are five shortcuts at the top of the screen. Hold down and drag one of these off the top and drop it into the grid. Drop back in the spare shortcut square, the resolution shortcut (usually shows 8MP). Now when you tap on this a dialog opens allowing you to choose a range of resolutions (8MP, 6.5MP, 3.2MP, 2.4MP and 0.4MP). This provides a way of setting the photo size in megapixels, prior to taking the photo.
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