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  1. The main factors for me were: degraded performance after upgrades, for example, screen freezing for 10-20 seconds when swapping apps; location of the cursor to a position away from the last position used within a document when returning from a freeze; incessant changes to user interfaces which remove or relocate commonly used functionality and/or change the look and feel; buggy editor which never seems to improve; lack of a facility to be able to use a different editor. This brilliant product is being badly let down by constant fiddling with it, and inadequate
  2. It's too late for me. I've transferred all my notes into OneNote and uninstalled Evernote from all my devices. MS publish a utility to make the transfer easy. It's going to take a lot of effort to learn the new product, but this time I hope to find that I'm not having the rug pulled from under my feet every few months by Evernote changes which make it useless until you've dropped the work you were doing in order to learn how to find things which the day before came instantly to hand, wasting time and effort and distracting you from the task in hand. It's difficult to think of a worse sin in pr
  3. I agree prescience. I use Evernote on Windows desktop and laptop, iPad and iPhone, and it all worked very well until the last release, which has crippled it, but for some time, I've become increasing irritated that every product update brings changes to the interface, making it unfamiliar and laborious to use. This most recent one has turned my familiar world on its head, and I'm now having trouble finding essential things which used to come to hand with no effort, particularly on the iPhone. Using my iPhone, I do a weekly shop for which I've created a shopping list, and as I make my way round
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