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  1. After 48 hours ... Evernote Support Ticket has been dealt with and they offered me a one week PREMIUM membership which activates the NOTE HISTORY feature ... thus shows all the save states of my note that dissapeared and i was finally able to ressurrect it . PHEW !! Once it was retrieved, i proceeded to back this ***** up by exporting the note(s) on to my dropbox folder so i can have a 2ndary backup ! WONDERFUL ! to EVER 111 ... unfortunately iCloud doesnt backup the evernote stuff . Icloud only backs up CONTACTS, CALENDARS and DOCUMENTS ( ie, iwork ) ... EVernote files sit on their own server so it couldnt get retreived that way . There was an alternative TIME MACHINE backup method which i couldnt do because i didnt use time machine to backup my stuff . Anyhow, It is a relief to Perhaps they should make the NOTE HISTORY feature free for NON-PREMIUM members ( for even the past week history ) ... yeah ? Thanks again guys ! . I am a happy camper
  2. ok i think ive fallen victim to this 'bug' that everyone seems to be having. In a nutshell : im using Mac OSX.8.2 Been using evernote back in Jan 2012 for a 3D animation class i was taken and took notes using this program . So after a long hiatus, i decided to log back into the application to pull my notes out .. and it was there. this was 24 hours ago . EVerything was there . After updating my ipad and iphone ( evernote app ) ... i thought ok things are good ... cant possibly go wrong . WELL , 24 hours later i logg back in on my computer to access the note ( theres one note i wrote for all my class notes ) . Now, i noticed the NOTE IS THERE .. but the content of all my note are GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT a premium member so i cant use the note history feature. I have alrady submitted a support ticket and im praying tech support can somewhat ressurect this for me because this information is crucial. I would be deeply dissapointed if this does not pan out. I am hoping there is something they can do for everyone in here. I understand that this is a free service i am using but to offer such service that will potentially cause plenty of grief to others is not cool . Again, i really hope this pans out for everyone. Losing important data is not a joke.
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