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  1. Problem solved. Appzapper eliminated the wonky version of Evernote. I replaced it with the version available directly from the Evernote website. Everything is back to normal. Tibetan, Chinese, and other Asian languages now searching flawlessly (or close to). Thanks to Evernote community! My only question is: Why the heck is Evernote offering a subpar download via the App Store? Are they crazy?
  2. Thanks GrumpyMonkey! So how does one permanently delete the database from the mac hard drive? I've looked at other forum posts, but seem unable to locate anything resembling an Evernote database or library. All I see is the Evernote icon in the applications folder. I'm beginning to wonder if the original Time Machine migration screwed things up. Let's continue the academic conversation. I'm writing a dissertation on the Chinese Qing Dynasty. Writing a local history of Tibetan communities under Qing colonial rule during the 19th century. I've used Evernote to construct an archival database of historical documents from the Manchu court and from local monasteries in Amdo Tibet. But with my search functionality and fonts gone wonky, I'm getting nervous.
  3. Let me provide an example: On my old computer (Macbook running os x 10.6.8) a search of "蒙古" returns 172 notes that contain this phrase. The web-based version of Evernote returns 168 notes containing this phrase. My new macbook pro (os x 10.8.2) returns exactly 0 notes containing this phrase. Moreover, numerous notes have lost their original formatting (the font type and size has shifted). Searching within notes is similarly dysfunctional. Originally I used time machine to shift to the new computer. Then I trashed Evernote and reinstalled it. Yet the problem remains. Search functionality is stymied. I should add, however, that if I search "蒙 古" (note the space between characters), results will be returned (202 notes located).
  4. Why does the Evernote search function no longer locate phrases using Chinese characters?! I just shifted to a new Macbook Retina with Mountain Lion from an older mac running Snow Leopard. Unfortunately the search function in Evernote 3.3.1 now fails to search phrases using Chinese characters, especially multiple character words. If I open the web version of Evernote, the search functionality works okay. But I need the search function to work offline because I often work in locations without web access. Also, why did the formatting of numerous notes change when I moved to the Mountain Lion platform? I love Evernote and over the past two years have built my entire dissertation research database using Evernote. If the search functionality continues to be screwy like this, I'm screwed, as my database is trilingual (English-Chinese-Tibetan). I've encouraged numerous classmates to build their dissertation databases using Evernote, but if the search function fails to be 100% across languages, we're F'd! Evernote Community to the Rescue!!
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