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  1. Hi everyone, I don't know, whether this has been posted before, but I dug a bit and nothing came up so here we go… I think it would be super duper handy to have the "Bookmark" option also include a small screenshot of the bookmarked website as a thumbnail, rather than a random image from the site, which is usually pretty pointless (buttons, ads…) This would make visually browsing bookmarked websites way easier and the absence of this feature is why I don't use the "bookmark" function as much as I should be. (I am aware of the "screenshot" option, that's how I made the left pane. But "bookmark" also adds more info of the website, which is quite handy, so, not the same)
  2. +1 Just provide it as an option, so everyone can figure out which shortcut suits her or him best.
  3. Please bring the icon back, at least as an option. And while you're at it, is possible to highlight the "iSight Note" item when typing "photo" or "picture" in the help menu? I know I should have realised that "iSight note" was what I was looking for, but I ended up using Photobooth…
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