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  1. Thanks for the reply. I Should not have used the word 'remark', because I do not use the 'Add remark' field. I start writing in the new note. And I have tried both the simple formatting and remove formatting repeatedly in various order and times, it does nothing. Was just reading http://evernote.onenotegem.com/document/how-to-batch-change-line-spacing-for-evernote and see that an EN tool Batch can set line spacing. Well, isn't that ... We could change all line spacing in a note. Note: many old users could change to H1 spacing via the ctrl-1 or cmd-1, but that formatting tool/setting has been removed.
  2. Thanks, 1. A specific website with which the problem occurs. I just did the same steps with Google.com searching for "Evernote line spacing problem". 2. I understand cope/paste could give disconnected html tags. I am trying to clip the entire article (which always starts a new note). Then write at the top in normal text why I clipped this, what to do with it, my thoughts or further research regarding it.
  3. It is now the beginning of 2017. The original post was at the end of 2010. In a version 3(?). We are now in version 6.4.2 When I web clipper (article, simplified or full page)[from FireFox right now], I get a new note on my Web account. In the Web interface editors, add 3 lines of text at the top to describe why I clipped this article. The web EN shows single spaced text. BUG: after sync, the Windows EN client shows the single spaced text UNTIL a carriage return is entered. Then double spacing takes over as a default that I cannot change. Try it yourself... put your cursor on the end of the 2nd of 3 lines and hit return. Copy the section into a text editor and see the cr/lf at EOF. One cr/lf now is being displayed double spaced.
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