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  1. Copy/pasting text is a shore at the moment. Every time I do it, I have to paste the text into another application to clear the formatting and then paste into Evernote. I frequently do this multiple times a day. I do not want any of the formatting that comes with it, as I have my own formatting of course. It is easier to clear upfront than to try and fix it once the note is pasted, sometimes messing up with links and all that. Please add a setting to clear formatting from the clipboard.
  2. Another alternative is when creating a new note, if the user doesn't write in it, delete the Untitled. I don't see the purpose of not doing it, in the first place.
  3. I would like to purpose the ability to attach PDF files, instead of plainly printing it out on my notes. Reason is that some PDFs will occupy most of the space in my notes. This leads to me having to re-organise the PDFs onto other notes, which is frustrating at least. Please make this option available.
  4. Hi. When I am navigating through the results of a search it's very difficult to know where the note is exactly stored. This feature would add an option to go to the note location in a folder. It's simple, but can help me a lot organising my notes. Often I find that I create similar notes in different folders. Simplicity is key!
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