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  1. I'm saying I'd like to catch up with the cool kids with Macs and IOS devices. (I work in an MS-Only environment.) I'm saying the reminder feature is one that I've been pining for (when I'm not pining for the fjords!) for a while. I'm sure there are people who can't live without Evernote Food and Evernote Hello but I'm evernot interested in either of those. Is Evernote moving away from being useful as a productivity app? Is there a development road map we can glance at to see what direction the main Evernote app/service is taking? I use Evernote as my main productivity app. Actually, my only productivity app. It also contains a growing encyclopedia of essential personal and professional documents and articles. Is it going to get more useful in that regard or keep kicking out little side projects at the expense of the main app? For Instance: Any chance of getting a project object? Or the ability to filter out a notebook (-notebook:ProjectX) in a search? How about a more elegant way to manage tags? How about the option to add your own private tags to a shared notebook? Or to just ignore/hide tags from a shared notebook? A less cumbersome, "hacky" way to create and manage note templates? A quick and easy way to link notes? A faster way to navigate notebooks? (Ala TechHit's SimplyFile for Outlook.) Better "look-ahead" searching when typing in tag fields? (Pressing F3 and typing "work," I should get the option to tag "Workout," "Woodworking", "@Work" and "$Workshop" from my current tag collection in the suggestion drop-down.) I could do this all day. In earnest truth, I love Evernote and sing its praises to my coworkers, ad nauseum. The app, awesome though it is, needs some love, though. Maybe Evernote's next release will be "Evernote Car" or "Evernote Beer" or something cute and cool. (Actually, Evernote Car? That sounds like a good idea!) But, I'd much rather be able to get my productivity on with as few clicks and strokes as possible. Thanks, @
  2. Once life was vibrant and beautiful. Now, daily, it grows grayer and flatter. Even the experience of eating good food has become a rote and gleeless chore; there's texture, but no flavor. Why is this happening? I know the answer, but it is frustratingly out of my control. You see, every time I open my Windows Evernote application, I (ever hopeful) navigate to "Check for update" in the "Help" menu. And, every time, all I see is this: "There are no updates available at this time. You are using the latest version of Evernote." The hope I was able to muster prior to clicking drops like a stone into my internal basement. The impact tapps my will to live a nother notch lower. Sadness envolopes me. And it takes longer and longer to recover. *sigh*
  3. Jeff, Thanks dude! I leave the Search Explanation control open all the time since I first noticed this problem. I'm curious if the toggling behavior (without any change in button state) is new and by design or if it's a bug. Maybe it's always been that way and I never noticed? Thanks, @
  4. Happy Monday! I have buttons for saved searches on my Evernote application favorites bar in Windows 7. When I click the button for any of my searches, the button becomes "depressed" and I see my notes listed. If, however, I click the button a second time, Evernote displays "All Notebooks" though the button remains "depressed." Shouldn't the button "un-depress" if the view switches away from my saved search to "All Notebooks?" I went into the settings to see if "Favorites Bar Button Toggling Behavior," but, alas, there doesn't seem to be a setting for this. I'd rather that it didn't toggle at all. Or, at least toggle in a way that doesn't make me think the list of notes I'm seeing is my saved search when it is, in face, note from "All Notebooks." Am I doing something goofy or wrong? Evernote rocks. Thanks, @
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