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  1. Thank you, Grumpy. Yes, the process of dating everything with MM/DD/YY sounds painless to me, but not my sec'y. I believe it is more efficient, at this point, to stick with paper files. Thanks so much for your insight.
  2. I'm new to EN and I was initially excited about it. Now.....not so much. I'm a lawyer and need to keep my files in chrono order and in specific sections such as Attorney Correspondence, Client Correspondence, Pleadings, etc..... I find that, if my sec'y is filing docs into EN, she has to manually type the date of each and every scrap of paper to keep it in chrono order. For example if she's filing 3 letters on Wed, 3 more on Thurs and then finds a 4th letter from Wed, how does she insert it in the correct chrono order without having to type in the date everytime? It's crucial to keep things in chrono order in my practice bc of settlement negotiations and offers going back and forth. It seems easier at this point to just print out the letter and put the physical copy in a physical file. Am I missing something?
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