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  1. In order to benefit from the integration of Evernote WebClipper in Dolphin, you need to... well... switch to Dolphin browser.

    The advantage of EverWebClipper is that it's a universal app which integrates with the default Safari and other browsers via bookmarklet, which is pretty clever, but I agree that it'd be better to have the functionality built right into the browser.

    So I've tried Dolphin and I like it. I'm going to use Dolphin now because I actually found it to be better than Safari or Chrome.

    I like swipe gestures to open Tab Bar/Bookmarks at sides of the screen when I'm in fullscreen mode, that's pretty cool use of touch screen interface. Also the ability to "Close all other tabs" is nice.

    Btw EverWebClipper can also work with Dolphin as long as you're on a jailbroken iOS device and use Browser Changer tweak from Cydia to set Dolphin as the default browser, this way EverWebClipper would automatically switch you to Dolphin instead of Safari. This is what I'm going to do for now. Looking forward for the Evernote WebClipper integration. You're doing great job. :)

    Thanks for your feedback! Glad to hear you're liking Dolphin and found a way to work around that pesky iOS default browser issue ;)

    Stay tuned for more info on the Dolphin-EN integration front - would love to have you beta test when it's available!

  2. EverWebClipper is great - thanks for your informative video! I used it for a while, but don't like having to switch between the browser and the App constantly.

    Dolphin Browser is working on integrating Evernote Web Clipping directly in the browser, so it'll help to simplify the process of web clipping. You're very knowledgable on the topic - if you have anything you'd like to see from this integration, let us know over at this forum post! :)

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