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  1. Dolphin brings the long-awaited Evernote Webclipper to iPad: http://bit.ly/12tKbQE

  2. Hey folks! The Evernote Webclipper for Dolphin has officially been released in our iPad, iPhone, and Android versions. Check it out, and let us know what you think!
  3. We know Web Clipper on mobile has been a long-time request, and the folks here at Dolphin have been working on integrating this feature into our mobile browser. The Dolphin Browser iPad beta is finally here, and we want you, the Evernote community, to be the first to test it out. With this version of Dolphin, you can now: Save to Evernote Clip any web page or selected text to your Evernote account Change the note title, select its notebook, and add tags and comments [*]Annotate: Draw on the current web page and save the screen capture to Evernote, or share on Facebook. [*]Share web pages via Facebook, Twitter or Email, and store webpages to your Box.net account We want to hear your bug reports, performance feedback, and suggestions for improvement. Dolphin is excited to provide the best Evernote web clipper experience on mobile devices, and you can help us make that happen. Sign up for our iPad beta HERE by Sunday, 12/02, 10pm PST. We'll send you the beta version and feedback form early next week. We look forward to your feedback! -- The Details: Device Requirement: iPad Sign-up deadline: Sunday, 12/02, 10pm PST Beta sign-up and Testflight instructions: 1. Visit http://tflig.ht/GP0gai on your iPad to join the Dolphin Browser beta tester group 2. If you have an existing Testflight account, click "Join this Team" and input your login information. If you have not used Testflight before, fill out the form and click "Sign Up & Join". Once complete, you'll see a confirmation page and Testflight will send a confirmation email. 3. Access this confirmation email on your iPad device, and click "Login". 4. Login into Testflight account 5. Click "Connect this device"/"Reconnect Device" 6. You will then be directed to System Preferences to install the Testflight profile. Install the profile, and your device is ready to go! 7. Dolphin Browser will distribute the build and you'll get an email from Testflight to download it!
  4. Hi JonnyBoy, Unfortunately, no, there's no quick way to port your bookmarks from Safari to Dolphin right now, but this has definitely been a popular user request. Stayed tuned!
  5. Thanks for your feedback! Glad to hear you're liking Dolphin and found a way to work around that pesky iOS default browser issue Stay tuned for more info on the Dolphin-EN integration front - would love to have you beta test when it's available!
  6. EverWebClipper is great - thanks for your informative video! I used it for a while, but don't like having to switch between the browser and the App constantly. Dolphin Browser is working on integrating Evernote Web Clipping directly in the browser, so it'll help to simplify the process of web clipping. You're very knowledgable on the topic - if you have anything you'd like to see from this integration, let us know over at this forum post!
  7. We might not be Chrome, but since you asked so nicely... Dolphin Browser is working on integrating Evernote webclipping into our iOS versions We're collecting feedback over on this forum post, so if there are specific things you're looking for, let us know!
  8. Thanks for the article - this seems to be best way to webclip on iOS at the moment, albeit it does take a bit of work to set up. Dolphin Browser for iPad is currently working on integrating Evernote Web Clipping. It'll make the process of web clipping on tablet/mobile a lot easier!
  9. Have you tried using the Evernote Add-on for Dolphin? Works just like the desktop version of Webclipper, you can clip a web page, select the notebook you want to save it into, and type in or select tags. Only limitation is you can't select what area of the page you want - it just clips the whole thing. But other than that, works great! And for us iOS users... the team here at Dolphin is working on a Webclipper for the iPad version of Dolphin. I'm excited to try it out!
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