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  1. Though the general idea that the 4.6.3 version needs to be correctly uninstalled first is correct, there there is no definitive solution to that problem, as best I understand it. There is a small number of approaches that have been verified as working in some, but not all, cases. They are all listed out in the related (but also unfortunately lengthy) topic here: http://discussion.ev...32-workarounds/ From some of the other threads I've looked at, I was able to get the new version installed by doing the following: 1. Install the new version (my exisiting version was 4.6.3) but going to the directory the .msi file is located. (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\). It successfully installed on my WIn7 x64 laptop, which I was able to verify through the start menu and the control panel option for programs and features. NOTE: Here I noticed that both the new version (4.6.5) and the old version (4.6.3) were shown. From how I had the old version installed, my existing shortcuts would point to the old version and not the new version, so I deleted all by old shortcuts and created new ones based on the start menu entries. 2. Uninstall the old version (4.6.3). Since I deleted my old shortcuts first, I don't know if that removed my old shortcuts, or updated them to the new version (which it didn't). That's all I had to do - no editing the registry, no using Revo to uninstall, no "Run as Administrator". Hope this helps.
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