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  1. As far as I can tell, the way the PDF is displayed is just an option that is set per attachment per note. When you import the file into the note it gets set to a default. That makes it independent on the platform. All I'm suggesting is making that default configurable (globally or per note) by adding an extra line into any configuration tab in preferences/note details. I don't intend to set development targets for Evernote here, but if it was my team and assuming all statements above hold and there are no further considerations for design, it would take 1 day for development and QA tops.
  2. Thanks for the quick followup. The point is to have a selectable default, not to force anything on anyone. That should be straightfoward to implement.
  3. How has this not been implemented yet? This one of the most sane and easy to implement features users can ask for and given the fact how poor the app performance is on macOS with multiple resized PDFs, one would assume that this would be prioritized.
  4. Same here, does not stay logged in. It used to stay logged in for a few hours, but now after successfully logging in, it just requests the login again. OS 10.12.2 | Safari 10.0.2 | Evernote Clipper 6.10.1
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