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  1. I have this problem (Safari clipper not working) on some sites and some web pages. But, cmd-c (copy) will not work either. Could it be a security feature of the web page?
  2. Where is there an options page? I do see the comment field now; thanks.
  3. I agree. My default should override the clipper's "guess", which is often wrong, so the note gets misfiled and I have to go into Evernote to refile it. Too much trouble! Also, please bring back the ability to type comments in a clip before sending to Evernote. Thanks.
  4. I am having Evernote freeze and/or black screen problem on my iPhone 5 ever since latest update. I have been using for years, and this never happened before.
  5. Not only do I prefer horizontal view, I really need the columns with information (sync status, notebook, etc) back. Now, is there a way to display those?
  6. Total note count is not just a luxury -- it is necessary to see if there is a discrepancy, as there has been on many occasions (see ). Please add it back!
  7. Given that there is no trial version, I think I'll wait until the first revision to try it. Thanks for keeping us informed.
  8. Sounds good, but can't find it in Evernote trunk or iPhone app store.
  9. I see now that the sync is automatic and a bit slow, so changes to title show up eventually. Manual save is apparently not an option.
  10. I just started using skitch on my iMac and cannot figure out how to rename a note in Evernote created by skitch. When I try to do it in the skitch app, the "save" button is blanked out.
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