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  1. I´m a song writer and I need to be able to work fast and send stuff directly from evernote to my colleagues and friends. The app is great for viewing sound directly on the area where lyrics is annotated, but with the current .amr quality it is next to impossible to hear anything, especially if someone is speaking low. So I made a little A-B test. I first recorded a bit of music directly through itunes out on my macbook, then just through the computer-microphone into the computer again. I did this first through Evernote Mac Application, the desktop, then through my android phone running evernote, latest version. At last I re-recorded the same audio through an audio app with the AAC codec in .m4a files. Settings used in the audio app: AAC / .m4a Bitrate: 24kbps & 48kbps Samplerate: 32khz & 44.1khz (32000hz, slightly under CD-quality for the 24kbps file, 44100hz for the one with 48kbps samplerate) Mono Here are all the files for everyone to judge for themselves: Evernote Desktop - MAC: http://cl.ly/210m1c2a2B1V Evernote Android - HTC Phone: http://cl.ly/0b3s12222v1g M4A / AAC - 24 kbps: http://cl.ly/3J3s3A003n3W M4A / AAC - 48 kbps: http://cl.ly/36250V0I0J3k Here you can clearly hear the same sound source for all the sound, although the sound source, the microphone, on the audio recording app on the Mac and the Evernote Mac App is better than the one on the phone. So I included a file recorded through the Easy Voice Recorder app for Android. This app is super simple and uses M4A/AAC to capture sound, with 48 kbps. Download here: Easy Voice Recorder - free version - AAC/M4A - 48 kbps: http://cl.ly/420L36112c08 My personal view is that the Easy Voice Recorder is the best of these. But the microphone position was a bit more angled directly towards the sound source, so this is a bit unfair. For completely normalized versions (to clearly hear everything loudly, not direct originals) ... ... click here to download (ZIP): (these sound files are the same recordings, but normalized in new versions through a music conversion application, for the ease of listening to them at the same volume) http://cl.ly/0C443e3o2e1g Here you will clearly hear the difference. Hope you get something out of this and what could be, easily, if the evernote team would consider changing the app a bit, or just give the user an option to adjust the setting.¨¨ I really hope you do, cause I´m hooked on your app and love sound next to text - and would gladly not have my recordings in 10 places if I dont have to... /Anders
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