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  1. Prior to 6, editing long notes (e.g. 10k words) became pretty much impossible. It would slow down to the point of unusable. That problem seems to have gone, and the addition of undo/redo is very welcome. Also, touch wood, the weird bug where it would mash several words together hasn't reared its head, although maybe it hasn't done it yet. However, unless I'm missing it, there's no "search in this note" function. That's a must, in my view. I'd also like a way to quickly scroll to the bottom of the note. I'm really wanting to ditch Google Docs for Evernote as my Android content editing solution.
  2. Support were able to replicate the issue after I sent them my logs. They've submitted it as a bug.
  3. When I go to the list to remove the auto-tag for a Post-It, it doesn't have a "none" choice. Is the only way to delete the tag entirely, or have I missed something? I'm using version 5.8.4 of the Android app.
  4. The thing is that -- as demonstrated in this thread -- the due date thing has been spoken about by the company itself for years. The latest reference indicated that "sometime in the first half of 2013" was a target date. It's now halfway through the first half of 2013. Maybe it will come -- probably it won't judging by past experience -- but some guidance from EN would be nice.
  5. Yet another on-bended-knee plea for this feature - or even just some intel on where the work-in-progress is up to. It's such a glaring omission at the moment. Any chance of some news?
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