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  1. No title + blank text area thing happened to me as well. With latest Yosemite, App Store EN. I freaked out, thinking I may have lost a whole lot of stuff, then did a restart. That brought back the contents, but the title was still gone on the note I'd been working on most recently. Also, every now and then, EN6 feels very laggy response-wise. I'll type, and there'll be a delay before the text appears. Without much running at the same time. I hadn't noticed it ever in < EN6. Think this one might have a few issues that need addressing.
  2. ... or fn + left arrow for go to beginning for that matter (using a Macbook Air). I've got some really long notes, and getting to the end of them is a real pain without a shortcut. Anyone know if there's some other way? EDIT: Found out that fn + cmd + right arrow (for end) left arrow (for beginning) works. It used to not need the cmd button.
  3. Prior to 6, editing long notes (e.g. 10k words) became pretty much impossible. It would slow down to the point of unusable. That problem seems to have gone, and the addition of undo/redo is very welcome. Also, touch wood, the weird bug where it would mash several words together hasn't reared its head, although maybe it hasn't done it yet. However, unless I'm missing it, there's no "search in this note" function. That's a must, in my view. I'd also like a way to quickly scroll to the bottom of the note. I'm really wanting to ditch Google Docs for Evernote as my Android content editing solution.
  4. Support were able to replicate the issue after I sent them my logs. They've submitted it as a bug.
  5. When I go to the list to remove the auto-tag for a Post-It, it doesn't have a "none" choice. Is the only way to delete the tag entirely, or have I missed something? I'm using version 5.8.4 of the Android app.
  6. Please, please address this. I have completely given up on working on long-form docs in EN because of this. For that, I'm basically forced to use Google Drive. I'd much rather do it in EN, but when the Android app messes things up with this concatenation bug it means that I can't risk it. It's a real pain.
  7. Thanks all - I won't worry about it. I just had the vision that somehow stuff in my private notebook was out there in the ether for all to see with no way of me turning it off.
  8. I haven't ever shared this notebook. I've emailed individual notes from it - is that what's causing it? I'm using
  9. Thanks - that makes a lot of sense now wrt the way that the files are dealt with. The long notes are necessary for the projects I'm working on: I've been using EN as at the place to generate the raw text that I'll later put into a word processor to format. However, with the longer documents I'll have to stop doing that - the phone doesn't look like it can handle it.
  10. Perhaps - it's just that I notice it with EN when the note gets to a certain length, but the same length document in Google Drive is still usuable.
  11. Hi, Has anyone noticed that long-ish notes get very slow on EN Android? I've had to switch over to Google Drive (Android) for a couple of monster notes that I'd really prefer to be in EN. Does anyone have any tips?
  12. Can't see it in the list, and I hadn't cleared the conflicts. I'll see when I get on a machine that I still have v4 running on.
  13. I had a few Conflicting Changes that had happened - I can't seen to find them any more in v5. Is there a way to see them? EDIT: also - when I clear a reminder from a note it still seems to be there in the reminder section when I switch to Snippet or Card view.
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